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Monday, November 12, 2012


Still trying to clean house. Yes, it is taking forever. It is not uncommon for me to get sidetracked and end up doing a task completely unrelated to what I had intended on doing. Moved some boxes back upstairs, labelled them and stacked them such that there is some semblance of order. I found out that I have seven boxes of books, not three as I had previously noted. I finally put the bookshelf in the bedroom in order, moved a dresser laden with CDs and videos (I had to resort to taking ONE of the drawers out, for fear that one of the casters might break), a small desk, and an armoire filled with china and glass stuff (I did so very very carefully, one millimeter at a time), in order to move one of the tables I had moved from the dining room to the kitchen, into the bedroom. Confusing? There is now extra floor space in the kitchen and bedroom, but there is now an orphaned desk sitting in the hallway. This is not an undertaking wherein one room can be completely done and finished before moving on to the next. Everything must be somewhat planned and ... I was going to say choreographed. The rooms are small and the closets miniscule, so space is at a premium. Yesterday I sifted through the basement... Found a box of stuff from my last garage sale... about ten years ago... I knew I had organized the leftovers, I just didn't know where I had put them. Ended up bringing a couple bags of stuff upstairs to sort through and also get rid of. All in all, once again, there is no one room that is tidy. They are all works in progress. At least now there is only one table in the kitchen, and there is no longer a printer sitting on it. (Nor a stack of miscellaneous paper supplies.) Yay!

I look at what I have to do and I tend to get overwhelmed. There is that saying "Don't sweat the small stuff." Well, in my case, it is the small stuff that ends up being the most overwhelming. Even taking into consideration the task of moving the furniture on my own, and in particular that one table, as I had lifted it above the corner kitchen counter and had the table resting on my head just before getting stuck with the angle I had previously planned the maneuvering of... Even with that and the momentary "I don't know if I can do this.", the small stuff is still harder to deal with. ("But... you can do anything...", so I've been told and keep trying to tell myself.)

Oh... I got a little sidetracked... Whilst downstairs, I found another box of CDs that I was going to get rid of and some more in the leftover garage sale box. I brought six or so up to take a listen to. Came across something that cracked me up.

It is a Mike Myers recitation from "I Married an Axe Murderer", a movie of which I have no recollection whatsoever.


Update: Wed November 14, 2012 2:44AM

Funny thing that I mentioned "Don't sweat the small stuff"... Came across this today on Facebook:

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