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human nature, genetic inadequacies and hormonal imbalances wreak havoc.

Saturday, February 22, 2014


Shopkeeper: Can I help you?

Customer:   I'm going to buy myself something because
                  I didn't get anything for Valentine's Day.

Shopkeeper: You don't have a boyfriend yet?




Friday, February 21, 2014


...and my world is empty and full
with nothing and one,
lost in the silence of words said,
of treasured time, forgotten space
and the tears that fall
one cannot see who makes them
holds still the heart
which feels such warmth
lays down cold in the dark...

(It has been a while since the words have fallen this freely.)

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

I could have authored this...
(Image via Facebook)

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Just curious...

Hadn't been to check one of the site tracking devices for a while. The Sitemeter one doesn't pick up as much as the one I checked, but interestingly enough, the latter showed on a particular day that 16 of 20 page visits were from Facebook... a Facebook bot... not Googlebot, a Facebook bot...

And today in the Blogger Stats, there were six (6) uniform page visits, as shown below:

I am starting to wonder if any human beings visit here, and if they do, are they just passing through by accident or do they even "stop in" for a while. Wish I could track human visits, maybe do a sound off or something, like name your province in Canada, your state in the U.S. or just your country. Just curious.

How many times? How fast?

I have watched this video three or four or five times now. I'm just wondering if anyone else noticed how many times his heart stopped? Do you know what his maximum air speed reached? Oh... and after he had stabilized, he said "That was really rough." The caption says "tough".

Saturday, February 1, 2014


I had seen video of this amazing leap last year, and today saw this new footage.  
(YouTube Views when I saw it: 442,470)

For a while now, something had been irking me about something somewhat pertinent to this, the subject of which is touched upon here. A movie was released last year and was apparently a huge financial and critical success. It starred two extremely popular actors whose salaries must be astronomical (no pun intended). A cursory search indicates that the movie's budget was approximately one hundred million dollars ... Let me say that again... $100,000,000... What do I find irksome about that? Oh... I don't know... but... maybe... could you imagine if that sum was invested in NASA or some other independent agency?

Interesting to note that when I decided to write this, and went to get the NASA link just now, unbeknownst to me, today, January 31, 2014 was a Day of Remembrance, to honour "members of the NASA family who lost their lives while furthering the cause of exploration and discovery".